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    About Sacred Ground Massage

    Jak Fessenden BSN, LMT 19119, founder of Sacred Ground Massage is pleased to offer personalized ancient wisdom healing in a clean, comfortable and sacred environment in the Belmont Neighborhood.

    Sacred Ground Massage continues to set the bar in Portland for professional massage and quality of service for several years. I have focused my specialty in the art of Ancient Wisdom Healing and constantly stay up to date on the leading advancements in this practice.

    Ancient wisdom healing uses advanced training and intuitive somatic touch to encourage healing in the physical and energetic body. Integrating Traditional Eastern Medicine and Western Shamanic values. I am committed to honoring the sacred triad of mind, body and spirit.

    My personal approach to client centered care focuses on your mental and physical well-being this has gained me a reputation as a knowledgeable, caring and accessible massage therapist.

    I understand that if you have never had a massage therapist work on you then you may not know which therapy is best for your particular need. In our initial session I go over what your expectations and needs are and tailor a therapy session to meet your needs.

    If you are looking for a general relaxation session then we offer packages: luxuriate with a full body treatment, use of pain relieving linaments or aromatherapy and hot stone message to help you unwind.

    Come and experience something new or revisit an old friend at Sacred Ground Massage; Ancient wisdom healing for modern times.

    Jak Fessenden

    Phone: 503-421-2075

    Jak Fessenden is an experienced massage therapist with several years in private practice in the Portland area. A former Registered Nurse of 15 years he now offers his expertise as a Nurse Consultant and massage therapist to your healing session.